Photoluminescent - Reflective

By MTM Products (I.S.P.P) Limited
schedule21st Feb 22

Photoluminescent Labels & Signs

MTM manufacture Photoluminescent versions of many labels and signs which need to be seen for a reasonable period of time if the power fails in a building whether in an emergency situation or not. In many circumstances this provides an economical alternative to battery backup systems for illumination.

Typical applications are:

  • Emergency Exit Signage
  • Fire Extinguisher Instruction/Application Labels
  • Nurse Call Systems

We have a range of Photoluminescent materials which meet the most stringent standards and can also print a Photoluminescent layer on graphic overlays including those with embossed buttons.

Retro Reflective Signs

Retro reflective materials are used in many applications where people or vehicles need to be easily seen by other vehicles at night.
Although primarily used as a safety aid, they can also be used to promote a brand or model.

Typical MTM products are:

  • Tail Lift Flags with Retro Reflective Strips and Customised Logos
  • Chevrons to apply to the back of Vehicles or Construction Equipment
  •  Hazard Warning Labels
  •  Logo Labels

It doesn’t matter whether you want a single label or thousands; MTM are the Solutions Provider.

If you would like a sample of either a Photoluminescent or Retro Reflective Label or Sign we will rebate you for the cost of the sample if you purchase goods from this range valued at £100 or more within a month of receipt.

For more details contact MTM on 01246 450228, through our website or e-mail [email protected]