Plans, Kits and Prototypes

Plans, Kits and Prototypes - We're Working on Something Big!

We are currently working on a top secret design that will revolutionise the industry it will potentially serve.

It's so top secret we can’t disclose the product or the manufacturer!

Exciting stuff, but we need to keep focused.

No matter how potentially huge our innovations could prove, it's vital that we don't forget the basics. Even though we're thinking on a potentially gamechanging-level here, there's still a few essential elements to bear in mind, and they're the same factors we have to consider for everything we produce: Product life, colour, size, and product mix.

This involves asking the same questions we need to ask ourselves – and our clients – for every project we manage:

Will the design need to conform to one or more international standards?

What sort of materials will be required? Just the one, or will it be a mix of vinyl cut decals, printed labels and metal serial plates? All of this will, of course, shape the entire production process.

Then we need to put all of our designs together as a kit per machine. Every part will have its own unique part number, as will the entire kit. So to ensure quality, consistency and continuity, it’s essential to plan ahead.

After this it’s time to run the first prototype kits. Then it’s time to apply, test and feedback to ensure that things work like we want them to.

Then there’s the ongoing processes. We’re constantly honing the design, size, and adhesive types, but throughout we need to have an approved design on which we can work with the purchasing team. As we’re also working with them on batch sizes and on overall usage, it’s important that we think on our feet while planning ahead at all times.

All of this might sound complicated, and it is. But that doesn’t make it impossible, or even difficult.

We’ve put the work into our pre-production process, so it doesn’t take much for us to be ready for our first production. Then it’s simply a case of ramping up from there, knowing the basics are in place and the product is well designed and tested.

Long-story short – no matter how big and exciting things get, and no matter how agile our approach is, everything works because some things always stay the same.

Which is exactly the way we like it!