What is a hazard severity panel?

By MTM Products (I.S.P.P) Limited
schedule11th Feb 22

According to International Standard ISO3864-2:2016, if the level of hazard severity is to be indicated, a hazard severity panel shall be added to the top of the combination or multiple product safety label. The hazard severity panels are rectangular in shape and contain the following elements:

  1. The general warning sign (W001 specified in ISO7010, Black exclamation mark and triangle on yellow background)
  2. The hazard severity panel colour
  3. The signal word e.g. DANGER, which is optional

When a signal word is used, it is placed to the right of the general warning sign and, together, centred in the hazard severity panel. When a signal word is not used, the general warning sign is centred in the hazard severity panel. Signal words are in upper case and bold font.

The general warning sign must be black on yellow.

Choosing the right signal word to match risk level